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Win4All Lottery

The Western Region Sports and Recreation Council (WRSRC) started the Win4All Lottery with the mandate to support worthy non-profit organizations in the Western Region, assist financially youth orientated organizations and to generate income to support programs and projects of the WRSRC.

The Win4All Lottery reaches St. Eleanor’s west and has over 3000 participants, operates through 10 selling vendors in key community locations throughout the Western Region.

The lottery is operation and administered by the WRSRC and volunteers assist with the audit/count/winner/non-winner declaration on Monday’s. The announcement is made through the West Prince Graphic in Wednesday’s paper, vendor’s and through social media: primarily the WRSRC website, facebook and instagram pages.

The Win4All Lottery has primary charities that receive contributions on a rotating basis and over $150,000 has been contributed to the Western Watershed Groups, KidsWest, West Prince Caring Cupboard, Community Based Sport, Community Inclusions, West Prince Graphic Pick, and Transportation West since the Lottery started.

The Win4All Lottery provided the WRSRC with financial support to operate the lottery, partially support wages and enables the Council to offer free or limited fee programs to the schools, youth, adult and senior populations in the area.

Recently, we presented cheques to our local charities;  KidsWest Family Resource Centre $3704.25, Western Region Watershed Groups $3775.25, Transportation West $3308.25, Community Inclusions $3722.50 and West Prince Caring Cupboard $3653.25.

We would like to thank all our Win4All members who support the lottery each week.

Details of the Lottery

  • The draw is a weekly toonie draw (pay a toonie each week with a sticker with your lottery number on it and inserted in the box at the vendors listed below)

  • Individual lottery # (membership into the Lottery) can be purchased at any vendors listed below for a toonie

  • Proceeds from the lottery will be dedicated for the Western Region (Miscouche West)

  • Weekly, 50% to the Winner, 25% to the charities on a rotational basis, 25% to the WRSRC to cover administration costs, Government of PEI Lottery fees and will assist with sport and recreation programming in the Western region.

  • Weekly announcements, winner & non-winner of the lottery in the West Prince Graphic and the WRSRC social media platforms.

  • Following are the Win4All Lottery vendors:

    • Tignish Co-op Gas Bar,  Profits Corner Ultramar
    • Pat’s Irving in Alberton,  Harbourview General Store in Miminegash
    • Ellerslie Rite Stop,  Elmsdale Corner Gas
    • O’Leary Kwik Way,  St. Eleanor’s Irving
    • Richmond Bakin Express,  West Prince Video in Bloomfield